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Beautiful Floral Arrangements for Your Home

We would love to show you some easy floral arrangements for your home. The first one is this beautiful simple grid, that you can create with a Bosphorous square vase, they’re the smallest bud vase, you just place them on a coffee table or on your dining table, and kind of create a grid. We’ve done here, nine of them and four of them we put candles in, the other ones, you just simply take whatever you can find, whatever your budget can allow, in this case we have some varied leaves that we’re just putting inside of the bud vase, and just a flower head, that goes with it, and there you go, just very simple, and easy but it makes such a great statement on your coffee table and it’s going to impress your guests.

The second one we’re doing is a beautiful centerpiece, also could be on a coffee table or a centerpiece for your dining room table, usually we love to do this when we have guests over, we just pull out the largest bosphorous bowl, put some seeded branch on the bottom, pour in some water, and add some rose heads to it, in the middle a candle, and just light it, and it’s beautiful, and very simple, and it’s not going to break the bank.

The third one that we’re doing is in a gorgeous voluminous canister, and we’re basically creating a small little terrarium inside of it, very simple again, I used two hydrangea heads,, that we cut out of the garden, and just placed them on the bottom, added a little bit of water, and then we have these, tiny little green button, what they call them, they’re small green chrysanthemums, very strong, and very inexpensive, you just place a little cluster here and a little cluster on the other side, and then the last ingredient that we’re gonna add is these leaves.

You basically are going to roll them up, just like that into a little cone, take the floral stapler, and just staple the leaf together, and then create a little bundle just like that and we’re also gonna place that inside of the canister, and it adds another texture and another color to it, and that’s pretty much it, just very simple, you can put the lid on it, and just put this on your coffee table again, or on your dining room table.

Our next arrangement is a very tiny arrangement, in this small bud vase. What we did basically, is, we have all these grasses, so, we chopped them down into small little pieces, and I’m using that as a flower base. So you just fill your container, with all the snippets of the grass, and then the heads of the grass you just also place in and then we have two sunflower heads.

And we’re just going to put two into the arrangement, we’re just gonna add a few more grasses to it, just one here, and there you go, a very simple, easy, fall arrangement. The last arrangement that we’re gonna make is in the largest bosphorous vase, and it’s really the easiest and simplest arrangement. Sometimes you buy a phalaenopsis orchid, and you come home and the branch is broken, and you don’t want to thrown out those beautiful gorgeous blooms, so a really easy solution for that is to create an arrangement.

And what we’ve used are these pliable, very loose, aluminum wires, that you can get from any florist supply store, and you basically just take it apart like that, and you just place it on your counter, or on your table that you’re working on, and then you take the individual orchid blooms, and you just attach them with, uh, thin floral wire in the same color as the aluminum wire, and you just cut off a little piece and you just attach the bloom to the wire, so you continue doing this, and in the end you just fill up the vase with water, and submerge the wire, just straight into the vase like that and it’s juts finished, very simple, beautiful, and such a wonderful statement