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How to Buy Fresh Flowers Online

We are here today to talk about online flower buying and what is going on with the business of buying flowers online today. Is it good? Is it bad? What are the secrets? Most online floral companies who advertise shipping bouquets are all part of the same organization.

buy fresh flowers online

We know you have many options when it comes to sending flowers online and we want to tell you why FlowersOnline.biz is the best choice for you. First off, we only use fresh flower suppliers who will deliver flowers that you can be proud to send. We don’t cut any corners. We also make sure to only use reputable delivery services that provide the utmost of service.

Many of them what they’re doing is they’re selling you, flowers grown next to windmills in Holland and near the volcanoes in South America. Thats part of the pitch. Well, the truth is all flowers are grown near a windmill in Holland that come from Holland. All flowers are grown near that volcano in South America, but the problem is they’ve spent three or four days there and another three or four days here on a FedEx truck getting to you.

So you tell me, I bet you’re, online flowers are lasting about five or six days. You think that’s normal flowers in my house, left two weeks three weeks, sometimes four weeks, videos on how do you get them to last for four weeks.

The lot of flowers you’re buying at a flower shop are also transported from around the world, but they’re kept in what’s called the cool chain, the whole time to make land and refrigerated airplanes and they’re shipped and refrigerated trucks. So we prefer flowers from a local flower shop with someone that we know well, who does use that cold chain, also FedExing overnight. We are one of the few in the country who FedEx from farms overnight right to your house. That is the best way to get flowers and there’s an ice pack, so they’re cool chained as well to you.

We have the freshest flowers available online

Thats why people get our flowers a lot and they say I didn’t even look at them and they lasted two weeks, so FlowersOnline.biz is nice. I think some of them are expensive when you throw in the shipping it’s no less expensive than going to your local flower shop and doing it that way, but they get in the best way, and it’s always changing. Years ago we couldn’t do FedEx overnight. We didn’t import flowers from volcanoes in South America, but now we are so that is the best way to do it, get a source for really good flowers that are cold chain or FedEx overnight.

If you have a flower farm down the road that might work, that’s pretty direct, so if you’ve gotten a line, flowers and they worked really well or didn’t work really well, I want to hear about it. I don’t know: what’s the long they’ve ever lasted and what’s the shortest, if you like and want more information on the world of flowers. Just as you want your groceries to be fresh, you should also expect your flowers to be. Unfortunately, flowers do not have a “best before” date stamped on them. There is virtually no way of knowing just how fresh they are, or how long you can expect your flowers to last.

Essentially the typical supply chain works likes this… At the end of a flower growers day, all previously cut flowers that are not sold directly to consumers like yourself (Direct from the Grower), are then shipped to auctions or wholesalers throughout Canada and the United States. These are in turn sold at a discount to florists who stock them as inventory in their coolers until they can be sold to consumers. Therefore, through the traditional supply channels, consumers often get a three to five day old bouquet.

Because we cut our flowers every day of the year, we don’t have to maintain a “consumer ready” inventory. By purchasing your flowers direct from the greenhouse grower, you receive only the freshest possible product, guaranteed. The flowers you receive from our growers have been harvested within the past 24 hours, and will mature to magnificent full blooms for maximum enjoyment.

How can you recognize healthy looking flower?

Well it’s very easy you look at the stem, see that there’s no rotting leaves on it or any bruises on the stem, any brown foliage, any brown leaves, the flower buds, are they really clean and young? There’s no decay, no rotting brown parts, this is very healthy and clean so you can see that, and then roses for instance, you can take the roses and there’s hard petals on the roses and if they’re nice and young like these then there’s nothing wrong with it, but if there are any rotting leaves or rotting petals, you can ask your salesperson at the flower store to give you a great discount.

Also just looking at the flower head when you feel it it’s really beautiful and crisp and clean and you want to see that there’s no wrinkles or anything in the leaf itself. You almost want it to feel like leather, and when you feel the flower itself you feel that it’s almost like a leather texture, so you also want to look at the stamen of the flower and if there’s any pollen that’s it’s shedding already.