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Sending flowers for the loss of a friend or relative’s loved one is never easy. Generally people are unsure of what would be appropriate to send. To make this already stressful occasion a little easier on you, we have selected various appropriate arrangements which are displayed in our Sympathy section.

Common Terms for Sympathy Flowers
A floral presentation often used because a circle symbolizes eternal life.

Sprays are often placed on an easel, they are flowers designed for viewing from one side only.

Floral Arrangement
A mix of fresh flowers displayed in a vase, basket or other container.

Casket Spray
Flowers designed for the top of the casket, usually ordered by the family.
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After the Funeral
After the funeral services have ended and all distraction for the grieving family has ceased, realization sets in. Many people experiencing such a loss appreciate being thought of in the weeks and months following the funeral. Sending the family a plant or flowers with a personal note reminding them of your continued support can do wonders to uplift one’s spirit.

Some tips and/or ideas for offering support to the grieving individual would be to offer to clean their home or help out with other daily chores. You could invite them over for dinner or for a coffee/tea. Small gestures such as this will remind the person or people in greiving that there are people thinking of them.